Sky and Moon phases calendar App Reviews

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This app would be great if the moon phases were accurately aligned with the dates.

Calendar dates are wrong

The dates on the calendar are off by one day. I would think it's an easy update but there has not been one offered and I've had the app for at least 6 months. I'll be deleting this app and looking for another.

Incorrect calendar.

App works great except that day of week (e.g. Monday) is off by one for 2017.




Me encanta!

Great graphics but calendar off

The monthly calendar is off by one day!

Great app!

Perfect for a quick checks of the moon phase!!

Calendar is wonky

The graphics are cool and it's a great app except that the calendar is completely off. Once they fix that will be a great little app.

Dates are wrong

I am not so sure I would trust this info with the discovery of November 2016 calendar with incorrect dates


I absolutely love this app. I've had other apps and eventually delated all of them. This one has everything I want in one app I especially love the calendar view☺️


Best app out there for moon phases! 👍👍👍👍

Love it!

This is so well done! I LOVE that it includes the stars bit too!

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